Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Humanitarian In Me

This blog is a little special for me. I went to ASDA today because I ran out of my EVIAN MINERAL WATER and to have my dinner there. I had a very sumptuous dinner Tuna and Sweetcorn with Potato Jacket but out of my hunger I forgot to take pictures. Stupid me again hahahahaha. At dinner time, I had bottled water for my drink. While eating something caught my attention in the bottle water. It says something like this "50p of this Bottled Water will help to build pump in Africa." I know that water is so precious in Africa, that I was deeply affected but what I read. Since I am really going to buy bottled water I think I can do my little share on this. So after my dinner instead of getting my usual Evian Waters I opted to buy Thirsty Planet Pure Still Water. And it taste good...Hehehehehehe...

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