Thursday, October 4, 2007


Yes, I spent another night with my foster family last night. Carl and I played badminton again, and I lost again 2-1....hehehehehe... Carl said I invited myself over because we were supposed to play by 9pm but when he picked me up I already brought my trainers and badminton clothes. hehehehe. It was another wonderful night. I really felt at home at their house and for the first time I was able to enter their beautiful living room. Normally we spent our time at the kitchen. Harry was sick last night. He catched colds. Hope he'll get well soon. We had good meal last night. I liked the parsnip ( I hope i got this one correctly) a lot and the baked potato. We had Marks and Spencer Pie. Its like buko pie but made of beef. Very delicious! After our meal Helen gave me some truffles. It was very yummy! hehehehehe...We rested at the living room until 9PM. Watched a couple of shows from the telly. By 830PM Carl and I were on our way to the leisure center. It was a good game. We really sweated out. Till next Tuesday Mate! I hope to get even with you..hehehehe..THANKS AGAIN FOR A WONDERFUL EVENING!

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