Monday, July 20, 2009



Along Bukit Bintang


The sky bridge

My favorite view from sky bridge


Sky bridge experience

Another view

View from sky bridge

Monkey Eating my banana

Taken by the monkey

Watch out snakes

View from the top

Rat Attack

One of images inside the cave that i really like

Some interesting statues

300 Steps to go up

Me in Batu Caves

Sunday Morning in Petronas

Me and Petronas

Petronas at Night

One of my best shots from my cam phone

Pose lng




Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16, 2009

A significant discovery about me happened today.. More to come........

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seasons of Life

Last February 22, 2009 was the third Sunday in our series "One Life To Live. Make Every Moment Count." Last Sunday I attended the service in Music Museum. Music Museum is very memorable to me I attended my first service in 1997 and right there and then surrendered everything to God. It was a rollercoaster ride I might say but I didnt regret any single moment of it. It is an adventure where I win some and learn some.

It was a very refreshing service. I can still remember the emotions that I had in 1997. Anyways, my blog is not all about that its, all about "Seasons of Life"

1. Natural Season
2. Favorable Season
3. Difficult Season

What season are you in right? For me, it is always favorable season no matter whats happening in my life. When I surrendered everything to God I know that I am safe no matter what...

Friday, February 13, 2009


3PM Today February 13 The first episode of the new survivor series was aired over QTV 11. I used to follow this series a lot before but because a lot of things happened in between those seaons only recently I was able to follow it again. When I saw the advert that the first epi will be shown today, I marked my calendar to make sure that I'll be able to watch it.

Exactly 3PM there was Jeff Probst introducing the season. 16 Castaways riding in a truck. For a change they didnt start in water. Upon the truck's arrival Jeff told all the castaways to pick up anything that they can carry for 1 minute. Castaways were already divided into their respective groups : Jalapao (RED) and Timbira (BLACK).

I thought I've seen in all considering this is the 18th season of Survivor, but I was on my feet earlier in the episode when Jeff announced that the Castaways needed to vote one of their own. It shocked everyone. Castaways were not allowed to talk for the whole duration of the trip and they will only base their votes on "FIRST IMPRESSION". Eveyone thought that it was the first elimination but the twist of all twist happened. Jalapo picked the Oldest member of the tribe Sandy while Timbira chosen Sierra. Sandy was picked by her tribe because of her age and Sierra was chosen because she was sicked with Tonsilitis.

Sandy was really pissed when she was voted off the tribe. Sierra said she can give more to the tribe. Then Jeff announced that he didnt said the it was an elimination he said "wouldn't join the tribe". The two tribes need to conquer 4hrs of Trekking in the middle of extreme heat just to reach their respective locations. The two "Voted off Castaways" will be airlifted to their site. This announcement by Jeff made Sandy so happy.

Upon arrival at the site, Sandy became emotional then she found a mail telling her that she got two options : to build shelter or find an immunity idol. Since Sandy was so pissed with the tribe she opted to find the immunity idol. Sierra on the hand built the shelter for her tribe mates which changed the first impression about her.

to be continued...........

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More to Life than Living and Dying....

Today February 8, 2009 is the start of the new series in our church "One Life to Live. Make Every Moment Count."

The preaching started with this question "How are we living our lives today?". This is a very simple question but I am sure that its very hard to answer. Sometimes simple questions are the ones that we find ourselves thinking for a very long time before we can even say a word. Another simple question "Do we MAKE most out of our LIVES?"....

If you were to choose from the list:

1. Are you the kind of person who is living the past and doesn't enjoy today?
2. Are you the kind of person who is living just for today and doesn't care at all about the future?
3. Are you the kind of person who live for tomorrow?
4. or Are you living for today and trusting GOD for tomorrow?

Who are you then?....

Questions to ponder ...

1. What is my pursuit?
2. What is my passion?
3. What is my purpose?
4. Do I have the right priorities in life?

Have something to say? Please share.....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Goodbye to a Love

How do you say goodbye to someone who's not really there? "What kind of clown am I? That lie with every kiss, that whisper words of love that left me alone like this"...Seize the day.. One life to Live. Make every moment count. I should have live my life this way a long time ago. I could have been a lot happier but no now I'm slowly sinking in a mud full of what ifs because of my own wrong doings...Love is not complicated its just a matter of living each moment.....Another day...Soon it will come to pass...

Wow! blogging somehow releases some of my inner what ifs...Stop living a lie...I know i got to be strong...One Last cry....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting the Year Right

New year new hopes new dreams...These what makes 2009 a year to look forward to. 2008 is better year for me but I know that 2009 will be the best year. I would like to encourage everybody to stay worry-free. Worrying will not accomplish us anything it will only bring more troubles to our lives.

My goals this year is

to have a new car ,
to have a better body and mind ,
and to be a positive energy
to my family and friends.