Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seasons of Life

Last February 22, 2009 was the third Sunday in our series "One Life To Live. Make Every Moment Count." Last Sunday I attended the service in Music Museum. Music Museum is very memorable to me I attended my first service in 1997 and right there and then surrendered everything to God. It was a rollercoaster ride I might say but I didnt regret any single moment of it. It is an adventure where I win some and learn some.

It was a very refreshing service. I can still remember the emotions that I had in 1997. Anyways, my blog is not all about that its, all about "Seasons of Life"

1. Natural Season
2. Favorable Season
3. Difficult Season

What season are you in right? For me, it is always favorable season no matter whats happening in my life. When I surrendered everything to God I know that I am safe no matter what...

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