Saturday, April 28, 2007


Joan and my godson Lorenzo together with Lorenzo's Yaya Mary visited me in the "here" today. The purpose of the visit was for Lorenzo to go swimming..You know the "here" has a swimming pool...I will be posting a blog about the HERE very soon.....They came in a little late around 330PM. After a few chat we proceeded to the swimming pool...Lorenzo really had a great time because there were also a lot of kids in the pool at that time...Lorenzo is only 4 years old but he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo big... when you see him you would think that he's already 7 or be continued.......

Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday and Friday Recap

Its 1134PM April 27, 2007. I am writing a recap of what transpired yesterday and today. Yesterday, Thursay, April 26, 2007 was a very busy day for me. It started again early 7am. I did some stretching and headed to the shower. Ate my breakfast and went straight to Bulacan. I needed to go home today because I needed to pay the balance for the door jamb and to inspect the renovation of the house. I was with my Ate Edith. The bus that we rode going to Tungko, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan was so hoooooooooooot but I still managed to get some sleep...hehehehehehe...I felt so rested when I reached the Tungko. We rode again a jeepney going to the door jamb. I paid 400 pesos. We then stopped to a SASH FACTORY. I ordered two doors, for the front and back doors. P4400 was the total price. I deposited 2000 and still needs to pay for the finishing touches for the 2 doors. Around 11PM when we reached our house in Sapang Palay, SJDM Bulacan. The renovation was going well. The kitchen and bathroom are beginning to take its shape. I instructed the laborer to increase the size of the window both for the bathroom and kitchen. Also, we added a new window besides the front door.

Friday, April 27, 2007 was another busy day for me. I woke up at around 7pm because I had to go to Makati by 10am. I had an scheduled interview...The interview went well and later in the day I received a call. They were inviting me to come over to HARDROCK in Makati to talk about the offer but unfortunately I wasn't able to go because I had an earlier appointment. I met up with an old college friend, GM(Name withheld upon her request) ...Whats funny about GM and I was that after six (6) years we saw each other again and guess where? USA....On April 13, 2002 I got the chance to go to COLUMBUS, OHIO. During those times MG was assigned in Michigan. I forgot her exact location. Anyways, she invited me to come over to Cleveland, Ohio where she and her officemates would visit the place. I came over and she treated me. From the food to the fare...hehehe..Its really nice to have a true friend like her.......We saw each other last night at Gateway, Cubao. She texted me earlier and said she wanted someone to talk with....hahahahhaha....I think I will be a good "HEART COUNCILOR"...hahahaha...We talked again about her special friend. It was a very relaxing conversation. We dine-in at PANCAKE HOUSE...We ended our talk at around 11PM then I proceeded home.....

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hectic Tuesday!

I had a hectic day yesterday, Tuesday. My day started at around 7am on a different note. I lifted some weights again yesterday. I have set a new goal for December. My friends are planning a trip to Boracay or Palawan. I have to prepare now...hehehehe. While working out I was also preparing our lunch. I cooked PORK ASADO it is ADOBO WITH BROWN SUGAR...hahahaha..It went well. I love the taste of my PORK ASADO...I had TUNA, BANANA WITH PEANUT BUTTER and breakfast meal. Around 10am i was off to the office...ooops not office but "new office" hahahaha..I got my new "offer sheet". Well it was close to my expectations already. After six months there's gonna be 10%!...Im not yet decided if im gonna accept the offer of the "new office" hehehehe....65%...I still have another one this Friday while another one just popped out last night....Wow! its really amazing how GOD provided me with all these oppurtunities. Glory and Honor to you Lord...After the meeting with the "new office" I met Juna, a friend and officemate, and we had lunch. We ate at was a good one...

By 12PM I was at the office....hehehehehehe...I will definitely miss the cammaraderie thats for sure! snip! I paid my Equitable AMEX card then proceeded to have some time off at STARBUCKS! Finally, they are now offering BANANA JAVA CHIP. I remembered having the same flavor when I was at the MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. I really loved the BANANA on COFFEE..hehehehe....BANANA AND COFFEE for breakfast and BANANA and COFFEE for snack....hahahahah...I will post soon my favorites with pictures....

I am writing this BLOG Wednesday April 25, 2007 Philippine Time...hehehehehehehe

Monday, April 23, 2007


I woke up a little early today 630AM. I have to go to ARANQUE, STA. CRUZ MANILA to look for bathroom and kitchen fixtures for the house in Bulacan. I was so happy to know that US Fed Cup team is thru to the semi-finals. Go Venus and Serena...Anyways, I had bread (Pandesal) and Tuna Spread (a remnants of the spread I did last Friday) and coffee. I had a little "dramahan" with my Ate Edith fortunately we were able to patch things up. At exactly 930 AM we were already at the MRT bound to Recto. 10am we were already scouting for the materials. I thought i will be just easy but it took us 3hrs just to find what we were looking for. I was so delighted with the choices that we made and really excited how things will shape up.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nadal sets new Record!

Spain's Rafael Nadal celebrates after beating Switzerland's Roger Federer during the Monte Carlo Masters final on 22 April 2007. Nadal won 6-4, 6-4 to extended his all-time winning streak on clay to 67 matches. The win also meant Nadal won his third straight Monte Carlo title.

Wow! Congratulations RAFA..You did it again. I caught only the last game of the 2nd set and I was so happy because RAFA won again. He has beaten again Roger for the 6th in 10 meetings...I attened the service today and

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I woke up early today because I will go home again to our house in Bulacan. Today is the schedule of the windows. I woke up early today 7am and I did some Core Exercises before heading to the shower. I had Tuna Spread, which I prepared lastnight, and Pandesal, Banana and Peanut Butter and Coffee. Baby Ron has earned a new monicker "THE MONSTER" because he loves to bite toes in the morning just to wake me up...hahahahahahahaha. I left the "HERE" around 930am. I needed 3 jeepney rides and 1 bus ride before I reached my house in Bulacan. At 11:00Am Im already at our house. On my way to our house I saw a familiar face. She didnt recognize me so I greeted her. She was Melbalyn Nourmel's wife. Nourmel is my nephew and he died last year ,sigh, at a tender age of 33. Anyways, I learnt that Balen as I call her already had 7 children..WTF?!!!. Im older than Balen and I dont even have a single child..hahahahaha...

When I got home Kuya Dodong, the seller of the windows (sliding windows hehehehe), was already in the house and he said he had a problem. He can't install the windows because the mouldings for the windows were not yet there and he thinks that the one's responsible for the mouldings were not responsible enough to take care of the windows. He decided to install the remaining windows on Tuesday, hopefully everything will be OK. The renovation of the house is smoothly sailing as plan. The sliding windows for the 2 bedrooms were already installed plus one situated in the living room.

Kuya Bong, my 3rd sibling, said that he needed to fetch Ate Emy, my 2nd sibling, in Cavite....huwaaaaaaaaaat? From Bulacan to Cavite? North to South....hahahahahaha..At first I was not inclined to join them but on our way to Manila I decided to join them in Cavite and guess what.......Man the traffic was horrible...Its a SATURDAY but the traffic is montrous...thats why I hate going there...hehehehehe...We left Bulacan by 430PM and by 7PM we were already in Cavite. Ate Lalo, Kuya Bong's wife, Ate Edith , our eldest in the brood, Lawrence, Kuya Bong's youngest son, Barok, a neighbor and Tatay Menad, another neighbor that is also our driver, were the people I was with in Cavite....I thought that the traffic would somehow normalize after all we left Noveleta, Cavite at around 830PM but ..surprised suprised...that traffic jam was even worse! GOOD GRACIOUS MATE!......Kuya Bong was beginning to lose his temper..He's having a RAGE....hahahahahha..HE'S REALLY MY BROTHER...We both dont have that many patience...hahahahahaha.. We wrestled our way out of Cavite... We overtook cars, swerved to the highest level (hehehehehe)..It was one experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life...I thought we will not make thru the night...hahahahahah...Then finally at around 10PM we were running the highway...thank god!...We stopped by Chowking to eat our dinner because I knew that we needed to eat...hahahahahha...After that horrible experience we needed to unwind...hahahahahahah...By 11PM they already dropped me "HERE"...hay! nice feeling to be back HOME....I saw Baby Ron and Baby Mamay patiently waiting for me..

Rafael Nadal of Spain reacts after he defeated Tomas Berdych of Czech Republic during their semifinal of the Monte Carlo Tennis Open tournament in Monaco, Saturday, April 21, 2007. Nadal won 6-0, 7-5.
Rafael Nadal of Spain reacts after he defeated Tomas Berdych of Czech Republic during their semifinal of the Monte Carlo Tennis Open tournament in Monaco, Saturday, April 21, 2007. Nadal won 6-0, 7-5.

Oh by the way, RAFA won again. He's into the Finals again of the Monte Carlo Master's Series. He'll be up against the Number 1 Player and arch rival ROGER FEDERER. It was RAFA'S 65th consecutive wins on clay...yehey! I hope he reached the 100th mark this year...GOOD LUCK! RAFA...Let ROGER eat the dust or should I say the CLAY.........hahahahaha

Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 19, 2007

Tennis News!

Rafael Nadal of Spain serves the ball to Kristof Vliegen of Belgium during the Monte Carlo Tennis Open tournament in Monaco, Thursday, April 19, 2007.
Rafael Nadal of Spain serves the ball to Kristof Vliegen of Belgium during the Monte Carlo Tennis Open tournament in Monaco, Thursday, April 19, 2007.

Serena(R) and Venus Williams on the courts together in 2006. Serena has recovered from a groin injury that forced her out of a WTA event last week and will join sister to lead the US Fed Cup team against Belgium here this weekend.
Serena(R) and Venus Williams on the courts together in 2006. Serena has recovered from a groin injury that forced her out of a WTA event last week and will join sister to lead the US Fed Cup team against Belgium here this weekend.

Yehey! Rafa won his 64th consecutive wins on clay yesterday. Congrats! I watched the game live from Star Sports. It ended at around 12PM. Also,GOODLUCK! TO US FED CUP TEAM...SERENA AND VENUS will definitely rules!

I switched to local channel last night after the tennis game, GMA 7, and watched my favorite late night show 100% PINOY. Last night the show delved on "National Symbol of the Philippines".

I had a busy day to day. After 4 months, the client in the US decided to use v2.0 of Integration Server...hehehehe....I did a lot of debugging today..Still lots of fun though....I NEED TO UNWIND.....I'm having a RAGE again....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Hay! For the first time in life I received a threat from a person named ARNOLD RAMOS. Mr. RAMOS is a collection officer from BDO Credit!!!! So I'm putting it all here if something happens to me you'll know whose the culprit...heheheh...

Anyways, my day started late today. Woke up at around 9:30..I did the usual stuffs that I do....Open my internet connection then open my laptop...drink water then EBS....hahahahaha...I ate my favorite food for breakfast TOASTED PANDESAL with PEANUT BUTTER , 2 BANANAS AND COFFEE..For Lunch I had Pritong Bangus, Kamote and Chopsuey..YUMMY!....

Today everything is going well even if the weather is still SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT until the call from that stupid collector...hehehehehehehe... I reported the incident to BDO and alerted the guards of the threat. I told them to take pictures if somebody asks if I live here..Here? Wheres the here? hehehehehe...You'll know that in the future blogs...

Baby Mamay and Baby Ron are doing their usual siesta time...3PM - 6PM is their usual siesta time...I've mentioned in the first blog that Mamay used to sleep in the here's her bed....Yes that's me. I like sleeping in boxer's shorts...hehehehe...YOU are freakin underwear...hahahah....

Ohh by the way, I went to the ofc of SWB last night and guess what..their working hours is from 11pm to 7pm ...hahahahahah....hmmmm...should I or not!hehehehe...breaking up again..hahahahahah

A former officemate asked if I knew somebody that can do websites using PHP...hmmmm...I told him I can do it...hahahaha...NO PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE USING PHP..Currently downloading installer for APACHE, PHP AND new learning curve this is exciting...hahahahahaha..

Watching ATP Tennis. Federer vs Lee..I just wish Lee would give Federal a good fight....This is my favorite male tennis player...Rafa Nadal of Spain
I think he holds now the record for most number of consecutive wins in clay for the open era..Im a tennis addict.. I remembered two weeks ago I stayed until 3am just to watch the game between Serena Williams and Justine Henin which was won by Serena..yehey!..Lee is doing his homework after 7 games still no breaks of serve...Finally on the 10th game Federer broke Lee to take the first set. Good job Lee....

This is what like the most from WORKING AT can watch tv and still works! hahahahahahah

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Freakin' Hot

Wow! Yesterday was the hottest ever in the Philippines but I think today is even hotter...what's happening? Green House Effect Anyone? Today I woke up early coz I have a 7am interview from San Francisco,! it went well i guess coz they are inviting me to come over to their office between 11pm and 7am wtf?!!! hehehehe..Yesterday I saw this blog that gives new meaning to my personal life...hehehehe..Thanks Tiggah! you guys rock!

Going back to the weather, its like you want to kill yourself when you go out these days...Man the weather is ultra hot...Philippines is a tropical country yes...but the weather whew! it blows my mind how the temp can get this high...oh well...Even my cats are panting very hard. Now Baby Ron and Baby Mamay want to stay in the room (where theres airconditioner) more than before....It really freaks me out everytime I see Baby Ron pants....hehehehe poor little cats...

I went home in Bulacan today to pay for the windows...Our ancestral house in Bulacan is being renovated I hope I will have enough money to finish everything...hehehehehe...

I treated my 10 nephews and nieces to a snack at! Whats with Jollibee that every kid wants to dine in it and leaves the room sooooooooo overly happy...hehehehe

I think blogging is overly coooool...its like sharing yourself to the world..i just hope somebody gets to read my blogs...hehehehe....This is my second blog soon I will get the gist of writing a pictures for now but soon more pictures...hehehehehe

Monday, April 16, 2007

Baby Ron and Baby Mamay

This is my Baby Ron a 4-month old Male Himalayan Kitten. Baby Ron is my 2nd Male Himalayan Kitten. The first was Kuya Ron who died last August 29, 2006. Baby Ron won "Friendliest Cat" during the Whiskas Cat Show last April 1, 2007 at Libis, Q.C. baby Ron's full name is Ronald Weasley, yes the famous character from Harry Potter. He has a wife a Female Himalayan named Hermione or Baby Mamay. Baby Ron is soooooooo malambing. He wants to be cuddled every time especially upon waking up. He cries when he doesnt see anybody when he wakes up. He's very playful and very soooooo kulit.

This is my Beautiful Mamay. She is already 1 year old. I dont know her birthday because when I bought her the owner forgot to tell us her birthday. hehehehe...I bought Mamay suppossedly for Kuya Ron but unfortunately Kuya Ron died..snip snip..huhuhu...I dont want to remember it....hehehehehe...She is also very malambing...She occupies half of the bed.. I slept on the floor while Mamay is on the bed all by her lonesome....hahahahaha...The arrival of Baby Ron changed Mamay a lot. Now she doesnt want to sleep to bed anymore..She's always downstairs....hay! I missed her sleeping in the bed...hehehehehe