Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 11 A Night with the Collins

Its been a long time since my last blog and so many things to blog about. Let me introduce to you first another person who is always very nice to me, Nick Collins. Nick is the ERP Planning Manager. He takes care of APS. He's married and has two lovely daughters. Nick has always been good to me. Whenever Carl can't fetch me from my B & B Nick will always be ready to pick me up and I am very grateful for that.

Last October 11, Thursday Nick invited me for a dinner to his house and I agreed. We left the office quite late that day and proceeded to Somerfield Supermarket because Carl needed to buy something. NIck's house is somewhere near that supermarket.

It was about 8PM when I arrived at Nick's house. He gladly welcomed me to his home and introduced me to his lovely daughters, Elizabeth, 11 and Jennifer, 9. I must say Nick's daughter are well behaved. I had a little chat with Nick and the toured me around his house. I learned that most of the stuffs they have is his creation. He gave me a homemade wine made out of blackcurrant. It was very nice. He still have I think 8 bottles waiting to age.

For our dinner Nick we had Pork Casserole for the main course and Apple pudding. The food was great. After dinner we sat to their living room and lit the fireplace. They are using wood for the fireplace which is not so common now in UK because everybody is using electricity or something. hehehehehehehe. While having our conversation, Jennifer walked by with her Violin and played a piece she just learned and I really enjoyed it. Thanks Jennifer! About 10PM Nick's wife Diana arrived. She is an instructor for mentally challenge individual. She is very accommodating and fun to talk to. Well maybe she knows how to handle people like me Mentally challenge..hahahahaha..

It was a great night. Again, Thanks Nick for all your help and generosity to me. God Bless your family.

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