Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kuya Ron and Hermione : Revisited

I just want to share again with you photos of my lovely cats. They were both now in heavens. I dont want to go again to the details of how and why they died. It makes me cry still sic. If you want to know Kuya Ron's and Mamay's Story click the link.

This is Hermione my first ever Himalayan cat. I thought her how to use the bed and the pillow. hehehehehe. She's very intelligent. I remembered I put her to bed one time before I left for office and ever since then she owned the bed. Nobody can sleep there because she will get mad. I really missed her kiss. It used to wake me up every morning plus her nightly massage. Oh well dont wanna be sentimental about it anymore. hehehehehe

One of Kuya Ron's and Hermione's lovely pictures. Hehehehehehe..

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