Saturday, October 27, 2007


Finally, last October 14 I cooked CHICKEN ADOBO for my foster family. Me cooking adobo for my foster family was supposedly schedule October 7 but because I got so tired that Sunday I decided to postpone until October 14. I really want to make this CHICKEN ADOBO something that my foster family will truly enjoy to somehow give thanks to all their generosity and kindness.

About half past two in the afternoon when Carl and Sam picked me up and we proceeded to Morrison to buy the ingredients for my CHICKEN ADOBO. I got 1 whole chicken, 2 Bottles of Soy Sauce, Bay Leaf, Onion, Garlic, Peppercorn, Basmati Rice and Vinegar. I was very worried about the vinegar and soy sauce not blending well because its a bit different to what I am accustomed to.hehehehehehe. After we sorted everything we proceeded to Carl's house and relax a bit. I started preparing everything again around 530pm.

I started peeling and pounding the garlic, diced the onion which made me cry hahahahahaha. I chopped the chicken to tiny bits because the supermarket doesnt have the service where you can ask to chop it off. I heated the pan put a little vegetable oil and sauteed the garlic and onion. I then put the chicken to fry it a little bit then I put peppercorn. After 10mins I put equal amounts of vinegar and soyce. Everything was started to come together now. I tasted it and asked Helen to also taste it. I decided to add more soyce sauce. I let it boiled for a couple of minutes then I put the last ingredient the BAY LEAF. While I was doing all of this Carl and Helen were on my back and I can see that they were both hoping that I knew what I was doing..hahahahahahaha. I then cooked the rice. I did it my way. I washed the rice twice then watered it. I used my fingers to measure how much water I needed to put in. I tried explaining this to Helen but I believed she got more confused when I explained it to her. Hahahahaha. One thing I learned that night was that BASMATI RICE is like BROWN RICE you must not put equal amount of water. The water should be twice the rice. I got lucky that I was able to fix the rice and it turned out well.

Time for the verdict, I must say I am a little confident about my CHICKEN ADOBO because I think i got lucky with Soy Sauce and vinegar they blended really well. My CHICKEN ADOBO also smelled good...I believe that when the sense of smell is satisfied the sense of taste is not too far away. Helen gave me a plate that is very Chinese looking where I put the CHICKEN ADOBO AND another plate for the rice. Then we started our dinner at around 630pm.. I took a deep breath and really hoping that my foster family will like it at least to eat it. hehehehehehe..Yes! I thank GOD they loved it even SAM ate a lot that night. We almost consumed everything and they really showed some interests in cooking CHICKEN ADOBO on their own. YEHEY! Mission Accomplished!

Another great night with my foster family. Thanks again guys you just dont know how happy and blessed I am knowing all of you. God bless!

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