Saturday, October 27, 2007


This was the day that I was really looking forward to my trip to LONDON. The day that I learned from Sir Piet that I am UK bound this year, I really told myself that I will go to LONDON by hook or by crook. hahahahah and I did. I was really excited.

Friday night I prepared all my stuff. I double checked it just to make sure. I went to bed at around 9pm and woke up at around 430am...hehehe. I am realy that excited thats why I woke up early. I listened first to Rice Brooks and did some streching. Took a bath and by 630am I was heading to the bus station. Allan gave me a sandwich for me to take. We had a long talk Friday night regarding the things that we needed to do the next morning.

Walking down to the town center on a normal Saturday afternoon would take me probably around 10mins Max but that morning was a different story. It was very cold. I think the temperature was between 1 and 5 degrees..whoaaaa. It took me 30mins to get to the bus station at the town center. The bus will be leaving at exactly 7:05am and I arrived there exactly 7AM wow! I almost missed my bus to Leicester(pronounce as LESTAH!). The time travel from Hinckley to Leicester is 45mins. It was a very good trip without any hassles or anything. We arrived at the Margaret Bus Station in Leicester at exactly 750am. wow! From Margaret Bus Station I will have to take another Bus to London. Time travel 2:45mins.

The bus going to LONDON was late by almost twenty minutes. NATIONAL EXPRESS needed to provide another bus because there were lots of people waiting and already got the ticket to LONDON. The bus that I got in was the express one meaning no stop straight ahead to LONDON. This is good! I told myself. hehehehe.. I fell asleep during the first hour of the trip until the sun showed up. hehehehe. I ate the sandwich that Allan gave me and I must say it was very delicious. From then on I never got to sleep and I just enjoyed whatever was there to look at. Again the bus ride was going very well. By 1145 I arrived at Victoria Bus Station London. I just noticed that the other bus which had lots of stopovers was alredy there. What happened there? hahahahahaha.

In LONDON I will meet up with my SECRET FRIEND. SECRET because it doesnt want to be known not YET but soon yes. I decided to use IT to describe my SECRET FRIEND just not to give away any clue...hahahahahahahahaha. At the VICTORIA Bus Station I went to this booth to top-up my cellphone and bought my LONDON BUS TOUR and my LONDON EYE TICKET, the very reason why I want to go to LONDON. hehehe.. IT and I decided to meet up at the LONDON! I was really excited. Finally I can smell and breath LONDON.

Guess what the first thing that passed by me, A DEMONSTRATION. hahahaha..People were demonstrating against me being in LONDON..hahahahahaha. It was a demonstration for BURMA something. hehehehe.. I didnt have time for that at the moment. I really want to enjoy my LONDON TRIP. I walked a few meters and with the help of the local police I was able to get to the LONDON BUS TOUR. I paid 22pounds for this tour. The bus goes around WHOLE OF LONDON. Theres a tour guide that tells story about the place like history et all. I was so overhelmed with what Im seeing and hearing from the tour guide. I will really enjoy LONDON because guess what? They have STARBUCKS in very corner. hahahahahahahaha.

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