Friday, September 28, 2007


Last Sunday, September 23, 2007 Again, my foster family invited me to see a new place TAMWORTH. Carl called me 9AM in the morning and asked me if i want to join. I didnt hesistate to come because my back is already aching from sleeping. You see there are two things I usually do on a weekends -- sleep and more sleep..hahahaahahaha. The thought of doing something and seeing a new place is a very welcome change. Its a 20mins drive from the B & B to TAMWORTH. I hope i got the spelling correctly. This is the farthest that I went to in UK...hehehehe.

We first stopped to SKY DOME. After missing the place for 3x times because Carl kept driving,hehehehehe, we reached the place. SKY DOME is a famous recreation area in TAMWORTH. SKY DOME is a CAVERNOUS place. It has a SKIING loop if thats what they all it. It is also a very busy place. When we got there there were A LOT of people already enjoy skiing. It was the COLDEST place i'd ever been to thanks to my fleece I survived it. hehehe. We only stayed in the SKIING AREA for 2 mins...hahahahahahahaha

Aside from SKYDOME being a COOK place, what I loved about the place is that I saw again my favorite store...STARBUCKS! wow! THIS IS MY LUCKY MONTH.hehehehehe..Helen told me that it was the FIRST she had a STARBUCKS! wow! I had Chocolate Hazelnut Cappucino and Helen had Chocolate Cappucino and 1 slice of Chocolate cake. I had a bad stomach afterwards..TOO EARLY for CHOCOLATE..We stayed in SKYDOME for almost TWO HOURS..Carl and Helen are planning to celebrate SAM'S 5th birthday in December here at SKYDOME.

After the SKYDOME we went to my FAVORITE supermarket ASDA...I forgot to take pictures of ASDA..stupid me...hehehehehe. We bought CHICKEN for our dinner. After shopping at ASDA we went home. It was almost 2pm and we hadn't have our DINNER..All of us were really starving. Carl roasted the chicken, roasted potatoes and boiled some carrots and pars-- Whats that again Carl the white vegetable? It was a very good dinner. THANKS again FOSTER FAMILY for a well-spent SUNDAY.

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