Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday with the Reynolds-Breeze

Friday, August 7, 2007. Carl invited me to have lunch with his family. Lunch is equivalent to dinner in Manila. You have lunch just like you have dinner. They call their lunch as dinner. Whats that again? Lunch = Dinner, Dinner = Lunch. Did you get it? hahahahhaha..good!
It was a very wonderful experience spending my Friday evening with Carl, Helen, Sam and Harry. They are a wonderful family. They are very generous and accommodating. They made me feel at home. Its only the second time I visited their lovely home.

When Carl and I arrived at their home Carl's parent were already waiting for him. They are Christine and Allan. Like Carl and his family, Carl's parent were also very nice to me. They stayed there for awhile had some tea. They arrived that day from a very long vacation.

After that short visit from Christy and Allan - I hope i got their names right heheheh - we proceeded to Morrison another favorite supermarket of mine. Why? Because they accept AMEX card there..hehehehehe. We went there to get something for our lunch and some drinks. And I found something so familiar....

When we got home after Morrision, Helen and the kids were alredy there. After some little chats Sam and I went for a little BLACK BERRY PICKING. There were so many BLACK BERRIES at the backyard of the Reynolds' Home.

We had a great fun that evening. We ate pizza and had some wine and beers. It was an unforgettable night for me knowing that I had new friends that I will bring back home in the Philippines. Thanks! Again Carl and Helen.

PS. My camera phone did not do justice to Helen's picture. She is way beautiful than her picture above. Carl is really a lucky guy..hehehe..Carl you have to give me your 4-leaf clover leaf...hehehehehe.

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