Friday, September 28, 2007


Monday, September 24, 2007. Start of a new week for me. As usual Carl picked me up at around 830am. I opened the boot (trunk) and put my bag in it like I always do. I noticed something in the boot but didnt care to ask Carl. Before we proceeded to office in Nutts Lane we dropped by at Hammonds Harrow Brook Office to have Carl's carphone fixed. We stayed at Harrow Brook's for almost 20mins. I saw someone interesting but didnt have the courage to take picture..hehehehe next time I saw her I will...

After our brief stay in Harrow Brooks we proceeded to the office. As we were walking down Carl told me If i saw something in the boot and I agreed then he told me the SURPRISE of the day. It was a gift from SAMUEL JOHN REYNOLDS-BREEZE aka SAM --I really dont get it why parents would punish their children by giving them so many names why not make it their nick names instead of having their children to write it for all eternity...hahahahahaha--. I didnt recognize because it was so different when I saw it yesterday (Sunday after the SKYDOME Sam started painting it). I was really touched. The box looked good. Nice work for a 4-year old kid. Thanks Matey!

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