Saturday, September 15, 2007


Today, like the past 3 Saturdays, I woke up late. Did my saturday routines - stretch a little, grab my breakfast and stay in the room for a couple of hours then take a shower. My first agenda every Saturday is to bring my dirty clothes at the Launderette. The name of the Launderette - I am having a hard time pronouncing L-AUN-DE-RETTE- is SOAPSUDS owned and being run by Andrea. Its not cheap here to let somebody do your laundy..its 11pounds just for washing and drying. 50pence per clothes for ironing. I paid 11pounds everytime I bring my clothes. Today I paid higher 13.50pounds because I asked her to iron my! HUGE amount of money just for LAUNDRY..OH WELL...

My usual next stop after the Launderette is to go to the TOWN CENTER. Today, I had my haircut. I scouted first for the cheapest hair cut. Wow! I was really astounded having a hair cut hear is no joke. Its also very expensive. The price range is from 8pounds to 50pounds thats almost P800 to P5000 hahahahaha.So I went to the cheapest salon, SHORTYS. My hairdresser was LIZA. She was really nice and I must say she did the kind of haircut that I want...

This is my before my after picture...hehehehe

After the haircut I went to the town center. I went again to my favorite store - Argos and scanned again their brochure as if i have never seen them...hahaha.. Argos is a cool place to really kill some time. Then I went to a healthy store and bumped to an employee of Hammonds. I dont know her name but I will know it by Monday.

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