Tuesday, September 18, 2007

6Degrees, Fleece and Starbucks!

This morning was the coldest since I'd been here..less than 6degrees..whoaaaaaa. I thought of not leaving my bed because it was so freakin' cold...Anyway, I managed to take a bath and by 830pm Carl was waiting for me..I had a little chat with Allan. Allan is the one taking care of the house now because Ross is on vacation. An evidence that today was very cold -- Carl was wearing his fleece..ITS UNFAIR...hahahahahaha.

At dinner Carl, I thought Carl and I will just have one of those dinners at the canteen, but I was wrong. We went to Nuneaton to buy my Fleece. I never expected it. Carl, thanks again mate for taking care of me. At Nuneaton we ate at a Fish and Chips restaurant and it was good. The first Fish and Chips that I've eaten was....NEVER MIND.. hehehehe... I was surprised again Carl paid for my dinner...Thanks again Mate. After our lunch we headed to my favorite coffee place STARBUCKS! Yes..Its been a month now since I had my last starbucks frapuccino...No this time I paid for it..Too much of Carl doing the payments...

By the way the fleece's cost is no joke. I paid or should I say "Sir Piet" paid 40pounds...hehehehe... Thanks Sir for AMEX card. It makes my life easy here. The cost of starbucks is the same as in the Philippines.

These are some of photos I've taken from Nuneaton. These pictures were taken last September 11 when we first went to Nuneaton. Today I forgot to take pictures of the place because I felt so cold...hahahahhaha.. What an excuse?!

Thanks to The Devil Wears Prada book that I started reading. I got the correct spelling of fleece not fleesce.

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