Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday and Friday Recap

Its 1134PM April 27, 2007. I am writing a recap of what transpired yesterday and today. Yesterday, Thursay, April 26, 2007 was a very busy day for me. It started again early 7am. I did some stretching and headed to the shower. Ate my breakfast and went straight to Bulacan. I needed to go home today because I needed to pay the balance for the door jamb and to inspect the renovation of the house. I was with my Ate Edith. The bus that we rode going to Tungko, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan was so hoooooooooooot but I still managed to get some sleep...hehehehehehe...I felt so rested when I reached the Tungko. We rode again a jeepney going to the door jamb. I paid 400 pesos. We then stopped to a SASH FACTORY. I ordered two doors, for the front and back doors. P4400 was the total price. I deposited 2000 and still needs to pay for the finishing touches for the 2 doors. Around 11PM when we reached our house in Sapang Palay, SJDM Bulacan. The renovation was going well. The kitchen and bathroom are beginning to take its shape. I instructed the laborer to increase the size of the window both for the bathroom and kitchen. Also, we added a new window besides the front door.

Friday, April 27, 2007 was another busy day for me. I woke up at around 7pm because I had to go to Makati by 10am. I had an scheduled interview...The interview went well and later in the day I received a call. They were inviting me to come over to HARDROCK in Makati to talk about the offer but unfortunately I wasn't able to go because I had an earlier appointment. I met up with an old college friend, GM(Name withheld upon her request) ...Whats funny about GM and I was that after six (6) years we saw each other again and guess where? USA....On April 13, 2002 I got the chance to go to COLUMBUS, OHIO. During those times MG was assigned in Michigan. I forgot her exact location. Anyways, she invited me to come over to Cleveland, Ohio where she and her officemates would visit the place. I came over and she treated me. From the food to the fare...hehehe..Its really nice to have a true friend like her.......We saw each other last night at Gateway, Cubao. She texted me earlier and said she wanted someone to talk with....hahahahhaha....I think I will be a good "HEART COUNCILOR"...hahahaha...We talked again about her special friend. It was a very relaxing conversation. We dine-in at PANCAKE HOUSE...We ended our talk at around 11PM then I proceeded home.....

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dokd said...

hi and greeting from san jose, ca. i miss the philippines. good luck w/ your blog!