Monday, April 16, 2007

Baby Ron and Baby Mamay

This is my Baby Ron a 4-month old Male Himalayan Kitten. Baby Ron is my 2nd Male Himalayan Kitten. The first was Kuya Ron who died last August 29, 2006. Baby Ron won "Friendliest Cat" during the Whiskas Cat Show last April 1, 2007 at Libis, Q.C. baby Ron's full name is Ronald Weasley, yes the famous character from Harry Potter. He has a wife a Female Himalayan named Hermione or Baby Mamay. Baby Ron is soooooooo malambing. He wants to be cuddled every time especially upon waking up. He cries when he doesnt see anybody when he wakes up. He's very playful and very soooooo kulit.

This is my Beautiful Mamay. She is already 1 year old. I dont know her birthday because when I bought her the owner forgot to tell us her birthday. hehehehe...I bought Mamay suppossedly for Kuya Ron but unfortunately Kuya Ron died..snip snip..huhuhu...I dont want to remember it....hehehehehe...She is also very malambing...She occupies half of the bed.. I slept on the floor while Mamay is on the bed all by her lonesome....hahahahaha...The arrival of Baby Ron changed Mamay a lot. Now she doesnt want to sleep to bed anymore..She's always downstairs....hay! I missed her sleeping in the bed...hehehehehe

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