Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Freakin' Hot

Wow! Yesterday was the hottest ever in the Philippines but I think today is even hotter...what's happening? Green House Effect Anyone? Today I woke up early coz I have a 7am interview from San Francisco,! it went well i guess coz they are inviting me to come over to their office between 11pm and 7am wtf?!!! hehehehe..Yesterday I saw this blog that gives new meaning to my personal life...hehehehe..Thanks Tiggah! you guys rock!

Going back to the weather, its like you want to kill yourself when you go out these days...Man the weather is ultra hot...Philippines is a tropical country yes...but the weather whew! it blows my mind how the temp can get this high...oh well...Even my cats are panting very hard. Now Baby Ron and Baby Mamay want to stay in the room (where theres airconditioner) more than before....It really freaks me out everytime I see Baby Ron pants....hehehehe poor little cats...

I went home in Bulacan today to pay for the windows...Our ancestral house in Bulacan is being renovated I hope I will have enough money to finish everything...hehehehehe...

I treated my 10 nephews and nieces to a snack at! Whats with Jollibee that every kid wants to dine in it and leaves the room sooooooooo overly happy...hehehehe

I think blogging is overly coooool...its like sharing yourself to the world..i just hope somebody gets to read my blogs...hehehehe....This is my second blog soon I will get the gist of writing a pictures for now but soon more pictures...hehehehehe

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