Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Most Important Lesson

I just want to share again with you a nice thought from Rich Dad's Retire Young Retire Rich "What you think is real is your reality." I kinda agree with this one. I know for a fact that we were not rich but it never occurred to me that we were poor. I know we lack a lot of material things when I was growing up but it didnt feel like it. I am always positive about things. I remembered going to school without anything on my stomach but it didnt stop from studying and enjoying going to school.

I agree really that what we think is real is our reality. We may think we lack so many things in my life but it shouldn't stop us from making our own reality. Reaching for higher goals and dreaming big. Thats why every morning I always remind myself that I am healthier, younger and richer. And thats my REALITY.

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