Friday, March 28, 2008

Being Cheap

I am almost done with my first book "Retire Young, Retire Rich". Another thought from the book strikes me again "You can increase your wealth by being CHEAP but at the end of the day YOU ARE STILL CHEAP." OUCH! I was really laughing so hard when I read this text from the book. Im guilty of this bigtime! Let me tell you my story.

I accumulated a massive Credit Cards debt in the last four years. Not just one credit card but 3 or more credit cards that I have to pay a monthly fee that is more than an average employee earns in a month.I must admit I have not been a good steward of God's Blessing and in return I felt so guilty about it. To punish myself I started buying CHEAP things. You see buying cheap things does not necessarily follow that you save a lot. I realize that its not the solution for my problem the solution is to take control of my spending and to spend wisely. It is also not about earning MORE but knowing what to do with your earnings without sacrificing life's little pleasure and being a good steward.

Now, I am almost debt free and little by little I know I am becoming a good steward of God's Blessings. My goal is to be totally DEBT FREE by the end of the year and to be a good steward of God's Blessings.

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