Sunday, May 27, 2007



I was so excited yesterday because it was my first badminton tournament after awhile. I started playing badminton way back in 2003. I got so hooked with the sport that I decided to enroll in a training program but unfortunately I only went as far as 3 sessions. Anyways, when I was starting with Badminton I played 2 to 3 times a week. My first tournament was in PINOY BADMINTON.

Fast forward, when I received the email about FIBRELLA CUP it catched my interests although I stopped playing badminton for almost a year I decided to join. My reason was that I wanted to go back to playing badminton and I really wanted some motivation and joining a tournament would be a great one to start playing again plus the freebies were good enough to compensate for the P750 registration fee. I got a Fibrella automatic umbrella -actually the real reason whey i decided to join hahahahahaha- pegged at P500 at SM Department Stores and a tournament t-shirt. I entered the MEN'S DOUBLES with an officemate and friend SHERWIN REYES. We were levelled at E, the lowest level in the tournament. Sherwin and I decided to play every Friday since the levelling. We had a hard time thinking and doing strategies that we gonna implement during the competition. It was a tough road for us.

Sunday, May 27 after almost two months of waiting, the DAY has come. I woke up early today feeling so excited. I did a lot of streching and some exercise. I only have light meals for breakfast and lunch. By 1PM we were already in the competition area. It was a very well-planned event. Two weeks ago we already received our schedule and to my surprise we even started 10mins early on our first game. WOW! thats something TWO THUMBS UP TO ALL THE ORGANIZERS!

FIRST GAME JITTERS! As always, JITTERS have been my biggest enemy when joing Badminton Tournaments. I really felt the pressure on our first game. It went so fast. We lose the first set 10-21. Second set was a different story. We started to play well and even got ahead at one time 14-12. I knew we had a chance of winning the second set. Our opponents were kinda older than us. We started showing some emotions during the game just to relieve the tensions that were filling our nerves. 19-20 My serve. I served to the left of the receiver he lifted the ball and started moving in-front. Sherwin returned back and a little shorter. The opponent smashed the shuttlecock back to Sherwin and before we knew it GAME IS OVER. We lost our first game but we were happy because we knew we fought hard.

SECOND GAME. Our opponents this time were brothers. They also lost their first game so we thought we had a good chance knowing that we had a good second set in our first game but to our surprise we played our worst game ever. Even in our practice we didnt lost that big 7-21 and 6-21. I was like WTF! we were checked the whole game as if we were newbies and faced a veteran opponent. Well, we can only looked forward to the next game.

THIRD AND LAST GAME. Our opponents this time have never lost. They are 4-2 win/loss and they were leading our group. Since this was our last game we decided to let loose our canons and guess what we had a great game. WOW! If only we played the rest of our games like our last game our fate could have been better. The scores 15-21 and 12-21. We were ahead on the first set 6-1.

It was all in all a very good day though we lost all our three games but nothing can replace the fun, energy and experiences I gained during the competition. Surely, I will join again and will play harder next time. Congrats! to all the the winners and to my teammate SHERWIN cheers!

By the way, I think the main reason that we lost was because we didnt have a coach..SO ITS ALL YOUR FAULT COACH BINGGOY! hahahahahahahaha

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