Friday, May 4, 2007

May 4 2007

May 4 will always be a special day for my family. On May 4, 1993 my dearly beloved mother, Eustaquia Pagara Jamero, died at the age of 66. It was the lowest day of my life.I still remembered until today the sadness that I felt when my nanay died.

May 3 1993, I attended the graduation party of Ate Lelay in Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila. It was supposed to a very happy occassion but I wasn't digging the whole event. Afte the party I went home to our rented apartment in Tondo. My mom and the rest of my brood were leaving in Bulacan during that time. In the Tondo apartment, I was with some of the helpers of my sister, Ate Tess. Ate Tess inherited the canteen that we used to have in South Harbor.

May 4 1993 between 4am and 5am. The helper, Allan, woke me up to say that his going to the canteen now. Since I went home at around 1am i was still in a bit of "half sleep and half awake" mode. I was a little surprise with that gesture because he never done that in the past. An eery thought came to me "When Allan comes back, Nanay is dead"...huh?I was really astounded by that thought. It was the same erry thought that came to me when my uncle died in 1993. I saw a fully loaded van. I didnt recognize any of the passengers but then I said to myself that Uncle Andres is dead. When I reached our canteen in South Harbor and while changing clothes Ate Tess informed me about Uncle Andres death and I told her I already knew. She asked me who told me and I only smiled. Flashback again...

May 2, 1993 was the last time I saw my mother alive and my Nanay was already bedridden for the longest time. I can sense that my mother really wanted to rest and I told her that she must not die when I was there because I knew that I can't accept it. I dont want to see my mother dying. Yes, Im a mama's boy and a proud one. I remember that my Nanay will still carry me even if my taller that her. She hugged me a lot and really made me feel that she loves me and that I'm very important to her. Late that day I kissed her for the last time because I needed to go back to Manila because I was attending a summer class during that time.....Forward again...

May 4 1993 Between 7am and 8am. I heard a knock at the door....My heart was beating faster now Im praying that It was not Allan. He knocks again and this time he calls me..I didn't breakdown yet althought I already knew that my premonition was correct and that my mom is dead. I opened the door and told Allan that I already knew. He was a surprised and told me that I must go to the canteen so that Ate Tess and I can go home at the same time. I told him I just needed to call Kuya Dante. Kuya Dante was a group mate in Bagong Himig...I went to the nearest store to call Kuya Dante. I was still holding back the tears. It was very painful and I knew that I had to let go. I started crying when I heard Kuya Dante's voice. For two minutes he only heard me crying. He kept on asking why Im crying and I told him Nanay is dead. I asked him to please inform my teachers in chemistry about my Nanay's death....Forward again

May 4, 2007 After almost 12 years we finally had our first lunch together in our ancestral house. All of my siblings and their children were there. We really had a great time yesterday. We didnt have much but the food were amazing. The house is nearing its completion and the contractor told me that everything will be done tomorrow...yehey! We went to my mom's grave to remember her death and to greet her advance Mother's day. We prayed and by 5pm Ate Ross and her kidz and myself were headed to manila while the other siblings went back to Bulacan...It was such a HAPPY DAY!

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