Sunday, May 27, 2007

At World's End at TRINOMA

Last Saturday, May 26, 2007 I had the chance to visit TRINOMA a newly opened Ayala mall. Like Greenbelt 3, TRINOMA is also earth-friendly mall. It has the largest garden inside a mall. It felt like you were in another county. It it very spacious. High ceiling. Well-thought of plans. The floors wow! amazing...There's also a theme every floor. TRINOMA also has an open amphi-theatre that can accommodate more than a thousand people...There are still a lot of stores that are not opened but most food chains - from fast food to fine dining - are already open.

I made a few shopping for clothes hehehe eventhough I will be jobless after May 31, 2007 hahaha hahaha hahaha. Anyways, since I saw that my favorite movie THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - AT WORLD'S END was already showing and since TRINOMA's cinema promises to be a surprise I decided to watch a movie. I called my bestfriends' Zernan, Juna and Liza so that we can watch it. It was a spur of the moment thing though we already made plans of watching this movie. The last Pirates we also watched together at GATEWAY'S GLOBE PLATINUM CINEMA last year. I fell asleep during the "DEAD MAN'S CHEST" not because of the movie but because of the surreal environment of the movie house. It was my firsttime to watch a movie on a LAZY BOY....hahaha hahaha... I paid P300 just to sleep during a movie. Well, it was worth it.

Last Saturday's "AT WORLD'S END" took a different roadmap. TRINOMA'S cinema was superb. We catch POTC at CINEMA 7, TRINOMA's LARGEST THEATER. It was really huge. According to the teller it can seat 600++ people WOW! The design was superb. They have elavated chairs so that no one blocks no one. I had BROTHER'S BURGER mini BURGER and it tasted well.

"AT WORLD'S END" was a very entertaining movie. You wont be disappointed that I'll guarantee. The special effects were breathtaking especially the last "BATTLE" in the ocean. I'm hoping that there'll be 4th installment. The movie received a respectable B Rating - but I think it should be at least B+ - from the

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