Friday, June 8, 2007


Trinoma is fast becoming my favorite mall and moviehouse. I've been there 3 times already. Last June 1, 2007 I was there to look out for a laptop then the next morning Saturday, June 2 I was there again this time to watch again another movie "PAANO KITA IIBIGIN".

We arrived at TRINOMA around 6PM. Zernan headed for BIG BROTHER'S BURGER because he was hungry and I came ahead to meet Juna's Family and Liza. It was another group movie date for us. I went to Mister Donut at the ground level and Liza was there playing with her new phone. BIG BROTHER'S BURGER was just above us. There was also a mini-concert the guest band that day was HALE. There were a lot of people watching the show being a Saturday and Trinoma being the "IT" place to go. Liza and I were into her cell phone when suddenly we saw people rushing to our end. We were astounded. What's happening? The band kept on playing. Now aside from people running away from the concert area there was also loud screaming. We stood up and checked whats going on. I realized then that the commotion was coming from the second floor. I was dumbfounded. WTF? I immediately called Zernan on his cellphone and he said that the ceiling in front of BIG BROTHER'S BURGER collapsed. What?!! I asked him if he's ok and he said that it was just in the nick of time when he got out of the establishment.

Now more people were becoming restless. They were running away from the incident area. Liza and I went to KFC where Juna and her family was having an early dinner. We told them what Zernan told me. A little later here's Zernan coming down from the escalator. He looked so please that he came out unscathed. He told us that a pipe exploded and water rushed in thats why the ceiling gave in. Thank God noone was hurt. wow! thats something for the books.

Even with what happened earlier we still decided to go watch "PAANO KITA IIBIGIN" we got the 830PM screening time. Since we still have like 30mins we went to AVANT and we checked out laptops, cellphone and all techie products. We enjoyed the run down at avant that we almost forgot that its 830PM. We ran to the cinema and guessed what? We were late again! This is not the first time that we were late we were also late in PIRATES. hehehe. "PAANO" was a very entertaining movie. We were laughing the whole time especially everytime they would say "WELCOME TO HEAVEN'S RESORT..WHERE YOU CAN REST IN PEACE ALL THE TIME....". but for me the classic line is "I NEVER GOT THERE". mushy! hahahha

I'll be back again on JUNE 13, 2007 for the premiere of FANTASTIC FOUR...SEE YOU THERE! hehehehe

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