Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Sunday in UK

Today is my first Sunday in UK. I felt a little warmer today. I have colds and flu for 3 days now because of the weather. Its too cold for me and it is supposed to be summer here...hahahaha...I went to one of the biggest supermarket here in Hinckley ASDA and I enjoyed myself. There were lots of stuff to buy. I got Evian,the most expensive bottled water in Manila, bottled water, panjamas, eye mask and ear plugs,baked cheeze curls and food for my lunch. I paid 22pounds. I am staying in what they call here Bed and Breakfast. I have free breakfast everyday and my hostess, ROS, is very sweet and accommodating. Im beginning to adjust here. No pollution and dust! and Hammonds people are kind and generous. Carl, our contact person from Hammonds, has been a good companion. He picks me up from the B & B to Hammonds office then vise versa. I already know where to buy stuff so thats a good start for me. Enjoy some of the pictures i've taken today.

Also during the week I was able to eat finally PLUMS. Its like grapes but way bigger like 1 Plums is equal to 10 grapes. heheheh Delicious!

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